What’s the trick to evenly coloring hair?

Bored, I decided to change my image drastically. First I’d dye my hair, and then I’d see how it went. I was in the mood to challenge the whole world, so I rejected the idea of going to the salon. I decided to do my makeup and hairstyle at home — to look for the very rich color that would show the depth of my inner world. I liked the experiment (exhilarating feeling!), got into the habit, and worked it off on my girlfriends. I share the secrets of success.

1. Mix the components exactly as indicated in the instructions attached to the paint. The chemical composition of paints varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is fraught with danger.

2. Apply the dye only to dry, unwashed hair. Wet strands do not accept the coloring pigment well, for this reason the paint sets unevenly. I do not wash my hair for 1-2 days before the procedure. Sebum fat further protects the locks from chemical attack, preventing them from drying out and breaking.

Color gray and offgrowth roots first, and then the rest of the hair. Keep color longer at the roots. This will keep the color even throughout the hair.

4. Do not increase the coloring time. Keep the dye applied to your hair exactly as long as the directions state. No more, no less. In my experience, the idea that «the longer I hold it, the brighter it will be,» is not a good solution. Dye damages the hair structure and dries out the scalp. The result is that hair loses its natural look and ends up looking like binders. It can take a long time and a lot of effort to restore your hair’s vitality.

If you’re using hair dye for the first time, be sure to test it. This will tell you if it causes allergies. Dilute a small amount of the emulsion (mixture of ingredients) and apply to the inner surface of the elbow bend of the hand. If you feel a burning sensation or notice redness within an hour, forget about this dye.

How to at home hair color?

Mix the paint and oxidizer in a plastic or glass container. Stir with a wooden stick or paint brush to apply the paint. Do not use metal utensils or a spoon. When mixed, its chemical components may react with the paint components, changing its properties. You will not get the expected result from the dye and will damage the strands and the scalp.

Lubricate the skin around the hair, the ears and the area behind the hair, and the neck with a greasy cream to prevent the dye from being absorbed. If you get dirty when you paint, immediately remove the residue with a makeup remover.

Wear gloves so that your hands do not come into contact with the chemical.

Divide your hair into two sections if the strands are short, or into four zones if they are long. Pin them with clips so that they do not interfere.

Brush the hair along the roots, starting at the nape of the head.

Distribute the dye over the entire length of the locks, separating the selected part of the hair into smaller strands with a comb or your fingers.

Comb the hair to distribute the dye evenly.

Do not wear a plastic cap. Curls should «breathe» so that the chemical ingredients do not damage their structure.

Rinse the hair with warm water after 20-30 minutes. Thoroughly rinse out the dye.

Apply the conditioner, which is included in the dye or any other. After 3-5 minutes wash your head with shampoo and towel dry.

That’s it, nothing complicated! The first time is scary, but then comes the creative freedom. I’d love to read your comments and stories about how you did home hair yourself.

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